Schedule: 3rd October

32nd of December

Sunday 3 October 6:30pm

Leading up to New Year the lives of several individuals are intertwined through a tragic series of events.

99 Minute DSLR School

10am Sunday October 3rd

The basics of shooting with DSLR ... in 99 Minutes

99 Minute Independent Filmmaker's Survival School

Sunday 3 October 12:00pm

Some current tips on how to survive in the competitive independent film scene... in 99 Minutes

American Grindhouse

Sunday 3 Ocober 3:30pm

A fascinating look at the history of sensational cinema through the eyes of Exploitation Filmmakers.


Sunday 3 October 6:00pm

When a school-girl becomes a call-girl she soon gets out of her depth

How Green Was Our Valley

Sunday 3 October 5:45pm

Documentary following a village forced to relocate by a new dam.

I Believe in Angels

Sunday 3 October 4:30pm and Friday 8 October 5:45pm

A tragicomedy set on a Croatian island where the local postman Sime has a habit of reading his fellow islanders’ mail

Kino Caravan [Caravana Cinematografica]

Sunday 3 October 2:30pm

Sent to a small, rural village to assess the politics of the locals and screen a piece of Soviet propaganda, Comrade Tavi grows increasingly confused with his mission as he begins to fall for the beautiful, though introverted, village librarian.

Look At What The Light Did Now

Sunday 3 October 2:00pm

This poetic film follows the life of recording artist Feist’s Grammy-nominated album “The Reminder”, illuminating her intimate creative partnerships and the synergy between music and visual arts.

Rouge Ciel

Sunday 3 October 3:45pm

Documentary chronicling the rise of the art brut movement..

Shorts Programme 8 | Relative States

Sunday 3 October 1:30pm

Screening: Arithmetic : 14' Any Little Thing : 12' The Muskrat Boy : 11' Offspring : 14' Guided Tour : 25' Bro : 18'


Sunday 3 October 8:00pm

An existential beach party movie about life, death, sex, drugs and other shit that totally fucks you up.

Lost Girl

Sunday 3 October 8:15pm

A sensitive, restrained portrait of a chef with Bulimia.