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Man in a Shell

An artist builds form-work to be filled with concrete. But this is no ordinary form-work. Will anybody notice?

Man In The Road

A short story about hope and hopelessness, faithlessness and faith. Two joggers find a man wounded in the road. He seems certain to die – if they let him.

Manhattan 4.33 PM

A daydream to remind me of the joy of the New York skyline.

Meet Pursuit Delange

It’s not a wonderful life for Pursuit Delange. It’s Christmas, he’s broke, unemployed, in love with the wrong girl and his saviour is a sociopath.

Mike 360

A 360 degree time slice extravaganza.

Missed Connections

Misanthrope Jamie becomes so amused by the futility of a local newspaper's Missed Connections column that he hatches a cynical plan; he starts replying to them all.


FD Film Arts Year Two (2010)


A quest for truth in a blanket of stupidity. MOUSTACHETTE is a tongue-in-cheek, satirical look at a group of pompous, misled young artists.

Mr Bradley Mr Martin Hear Us Through The Hole In Thin Air

An alien agent is called home in this visually layered, expressionistic adaptation of William S. Burroughs' 1965 poem.

Mudvayne: Nexus.Life.Death

Three consecutive experimental music videos tell the story of Satan's grisly attempts in conceiving his first human child on Earth.  Set to the heavy-metal soundtrack of Mudvayne.

The Muskrat Boy Of Griffith Park

The Muskrat Boy Of Griffith Park explores the unconventional friendship between a lonely young woman with a flare for the fantastical and a scruffy, peculiar boy.

Natural Selection

"Professor Gwyndon, my name is John Henry Wilson and I have come to kill you”.  In a tense philosophical thriller, renowned atheist Ted Gwyndon returns from a book tour to find an intruder awaits.

The Necessities Of life

The 'Necessities of Life' is a digital animation that objectifies the human conflict between basic physical requirements and the need for culture.

New Digs

A little hamster, feeling neglected and unloved by his owner, decides to leave his rotten home in search for a better one.

Night Music

The mysterious Dr Bird, who lives on his own in a remote part of the
city, encounters a problem one night with his gramophone. In search of
a solution, he visits Sailortown ...

No Place Like Home

A hand-drawn animated short film about a lost newborn baby trying to find his way home.


Two policemen learn life lessons on a house-call in rural Ireland; Frank is young and heartbroken, Con is middle-aged and weary...both alone, both idiots.

Of Blood and Water (Excerpt)

FD Film Arts Year Two (2010)


It's Marie's birthday and her newly separated parents are coming to visit. Marie's wish for a cozy gathering, without traces of the shattered family situation, dies word by word when the mother loses control over her bitterness. The birthday party is transformed in to a verbal war between the parents with Marie in the line of fire.

Off The Rails: An Extraordinary Journey

A journey into freedom, to a place where nature has overwhelmed
technology - an abandoned railway line overtaken by weeds and

On Stony Ground

Two homeless alcoholics meet on Brighton beach. A film about friendship, creativity and alcohol.

Once Upon A Many Time

A film that explores our relationship with things, places and people when forced to leave what we consider home...

One Foot On The Ground

Andrei is a young and promising basketball player growing up in Moldova, a country still coming to terms with the break up of the Soviet Union.

The Opera Singer

An opera singing diva gives the performance of her life, but will it sell?  A sweet satire about selling out.


A woman tries to keep her family together after her son falls ill having been bitten by a mysterious creature.


When there are light sources and objects, shadows can be sure there. If the shadow has disappeared,,,, you should think that the object had disappeared. It is the only reality.


Motorcycling down a deserted road, a young couple encounter three lonely individuals at a gas station, this encounter leads them to seek a new harmony...

The Pick Up

As Tom parks up after a long day at work, he gets a text that sends him on a mission every man dreads.


FD Film Arts Year One (2010)

The Pool

Three teenage boys break into their school swimming pool late one night, with tragic consequences.

Popping Round

It's amazing how  just popping round someones house can change their whole world forever...

Prayers for Peace

Pastels on a slate chalkboard underscore life's impermanence as the artist confronts the memory of his younger brother killed in Iraq.

The Price We Pay

How do you stamp your identity and personal style?  Spend time perfecting skills?  Subject yourself to pain to look good? Some people go to extremes...


Two outer-city youths talk about love and skin care.

The Professionals

What happens when Joshim (Aref Syed), a simple mill worker, comes face to face with the doctor whose negligence crippled him for life?

The Quickest Way To Get Over Your Depression

A quick and funny way to help people getting over depression.

Radio Girl

A live action throwback to classic cartoons with a dark and surreal twist.  Set to the music of The Real Tuesday Weld.

Red Shoes

A feisty urban girl loses her way in an eerie forest and discovers just how far she will go to protect her sexy red shoes!

Reign of Death

In a 1930s vision of the future and gumshoe chases down a robotic murder suspect.


When a couple take a trip to the country to save their failing marriage, they get far more than they bargained for.


A young couple ask for permission to marry, blissfully unaware of what her eccentric father has in store for them....

The Road Home

Sent by his parents to an international boarding school in the Himalayas, Pico grapples with his identity as he escapes from his boarding school in search of the road back home to England.

Royalty Free

Charlie, an entertainer, can bring a smile to anybody - except one miserable audience member. Every entertainer has an ego, even if he's only 12-years-old.