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We see things consciously and unconsciously everyday. How do we  memorize things in an ordinary life? Our mind is like a scrapbook, gathered and stuffed with mess.

Getting Dressed

As we get up in the morning and put on clothes, we are alive in a social system.
However, even if you escape from the system, the day you have to return will come.

The Gift Of The Magi

This is a story about Jim, an apprentice magician, and Della, his wife on Christmas day.

Give Your Ordinary Something Extra

For the man in the 21st century, ordinary is not acceptable... Welcome to the EXTRA-ordinary by JFDI.

The Golden Boy

Two men follow the trail blazed by The Great Fire of London. All around them history. Between them, a secret. Ahead of them, death.

The Goldfish [Zlatá Rybka]

Set in Prague at an indeterminate time, the lives of a man, a cat, and a goldfish intersect in unexpected ways.

Googuri Googuri

A story of a girl's imagination. "Googuri Googuri" A made up word, a secret word shared by a girl and her grandfather. For the granddaughter, her grandfather is at times like a mountain, at other times like a tree, at other times like an ocean; and her thoughts take wing into her imagination endlessly.

The Grand Falls [Le Grand Sault]

Wandering with her beloved near the rushing waterfall, a young woman has no idea that their peaceful meeting place will be the scene of immense turmoil.

Guerrilla Garden

On the golf course of a fancy hotel, three Mexican gardeners compete against fifteen Chinese gardeners. Whoever mows the grass faster keeps the job. Chris, the American boss, fosters the gardener’s struggle in order to cut costs and get a promotion. After a long day of senseless fighting, the gardeners realize that their true power lies in working together and protecting each other.

Guided Tour

Eitan lives alone in Jerusalem and works at night at painting lines on the streets of the city. Seeking another person’s company makes him wonder; between imagination and reality, clarity and blurriness, on the border between identities, between the broken lines.

Halkke 9

he future of kitchen appliances is here today! Observe for yourself how the extraordinary, atomic-powered, Halkke 9 has made old fashioned cooking drudgery a thing of the past!

Happiness is Hate Therapy

Joe gets together twice a week with his Hate Therapy group. This night things start to heat up when a newcomer joins the session.

The Hairy Hands

Dartmoor: 953 km's of desolate moorland, home to a thousand ghosts... and a fugitive racing a haunted road to meet one!

Happy Pills

A power struggle between an embittered father and his dutiful daughter ends with a potent lesson in honesty and trust..


An artistic celebration of being at the edge, Hortum shows a slow descent into a place where delight and despair cohabit..

I Am A Fat Cat

These are the fat cats, lost people dreaming big about the wrong things.


When two people with a common passion bump into each other, anything can happen.

In the Meadow

A married man and his younger mistress head into the English countryside for an illicit birthday picnic. As the afternoon progresses, events take a disturbing turn.

Insomnia (Catch A Rat)

BA (Hons) Film Arts (2010)

The Invigilator

An idealistic trainee teacher decides to quit teaching after an embarrassing argument in class. Her experienced and unconventional counterpart attempts to convince her otherwise.

I Luv Matt Johnson

17 year old Zoe succeeds in juggling her GCSE retakes, supermarket job and commitments to her friends...until her boyfriend and best mate betray her.

In Search of Bears

FD Film Arts Year 2 (Archive Selection -2007)

K Citizen

If you had the opportunity to go back in time, what would you say to yourself?


FD Film Arts Year Two (2010).


A very twisted love story set in contemporary New York's sprawling Chinatown, this 12 minute short film explores love, fate and karma..

Kinbaku - Art of Bondage

Rope meets flesh in Tokyo, the S&M capital of the world. Haruki Yukimura is a rope master who has tied over 3000 people during his life.

Kitteh Kitteh Triple Feature

In these three micro-epics from the directors at tokyoplastic we journey into the dreams of a little kitten and reveal the true nature of sleeping cats everywhere.

La Playa

Ana is awakened from monotony by an unexpected encounter with two youths from a neighbouring village.

The Lady With The Dog

On a hot summer afternoon, a teenager finds a stray dog in a local park. He decides to take the dog back to its owner. A fat black woman, half drunk, opens the door and asks him in by way of thanks...

The Last Cut

This film looks at how traditional African ways hold the key to shaking off the harmful practice of Female Genital Cutting in Mali.

Latitude Chase

A young girls runs through Latitude Festival, what is she
running from?

Life +

BA (Hons) Film Arts 2010.


A woman arrives in an unknown country at day break. She appears to be running away from her past..