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Helena From The Wedding

A newlywed couple host a New Year's Eve party at a cabin in the mountains for their closest friends and an unexpected guest.

Here I Am [Itt Vagyok]

Here I Am is proving itself to be a festival hit, following a screening at this year’s Cannes and it’s Best Short Film win at the 41st Hungarian Film Week. Screening with A Question in Details

Hi! Otsuke Drugstore

A bad-tempered drugstore owner strikes up an unconventional friendship with one of her customers, a timid schoolgirl obsessed with a certain boy.

Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry: The Life And Times of Norman K. Collins

Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry is a feature length documentary exploring the roots of American tattooing through the life of its most iconoclastic figure Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins.

How Green Was Our Valley

Documentary following a village forced to relocate by a new dam.


The comedian Ben Miller's directorial debut featuring some of the brightest comedy stars in the UK in a bittersweet drama.

I Believe in Angels

A tragicomedy set on a Croatian island where the local postman Sime has a habit of reading his fellow islanders’ mail

Incredibly Small

A guy, a girl, a 300 square foot apartment – let the fight begin.

Iron Doors

A banker is locked in a vault and faced with the horror of a slow death.

Jackboots On Whitehall

An epic action adventure, the movie follows a group of heroic villagers led by Chris (Ewan McGregor), and his sweetheart Daisy (Rosamund Pike) as they rescue Churchill (Timothy Spall) and fight against the Nazi invasion of England.

Kino Caravan [Caravana Cinematografica]

Sent to a small, rural village to assess the politics of the locals and screen a piece of Soviet propaganda, Comrade Tavi grows increasingly confused with his mission as he begins to fall for the beautiful, though introverted, village librarian.

The Kodak New Talent Screening: Other Side of the Game

 Kodak is committed to supporting new talent and ensuring that their ideas and creativity have a platform within the industry. The Kodak New Talent Screening gives the opportunity to the chosen filmmaker to showcase their work at Raindance Film Festival.

L.A. Zombie

“It came from beneath the sea... to fuck the dead back to life.”

The Lake Effect

Rob Lawson’s perpetual quest for success is interrupted when his estranged daughter shows up pregnant, challenging him to be a father before he becomes a grandfather.


A Black Ops soldier begins to disintegrate mentally as he broods over the legacy of his actions in this taut psychological thriller.

Lights Out

March 1992, in a small town in the suburbs of Paris. During an alcohol fuelled party, teenagers discover a body hidden in the bushes of a forest.  A body that seems lifeless.
Two weeks earlier.
Simon, a 16 year-old teenager, has not shown up for class.  Blood stains are found in a class-room.  Run-away, kidnap, suicide, murder?
A few days later, Laetitia, a student from the same class goes missing without her parents knowing where she has gone.  A young girl with no dark background or connection to Simon.
The next day, Jean-Baptiste, a third student, also disappears.
Rumors start to spread. The psychosis begins…

Look At What The Light Did Now

This poetic film follows the life of recording artist Feist’s Grammy-nominated album “The Reminder”, illuminating her intimate creative partnerships and the synergy between music and visual arts.

Lost & Found

This is a portrait of various people that come across a Lost and Found office. Something that is once lost but is found again.

Lost Girl

A sensitive, restrained portrait of a chef with Bulimia.

Lovers of Hate

A savage comedy about deceit and sibling rivalry centered around two
estranged brothers who have nothing in common but their love for one
brother's soon-to-be ex-wife.


All hell breaks loose when a film maker takes over the identity of his subject, in this poignant and funny film about the artistic process.

Lunar Child [Runa no Kodomo]

This is story about fruitless love, unshareable secrets and unspeakable dreams. It examines how ones perceives and takes in the now and learns to accept one’s existence.