True Adolescents

True Adolescents


    Friday 2 Oct 20:45


88 mins

Director: Craig Johnson Country: USA
Writer: Craig Johnson Original Format: Super-16mm
Dir. of Photography: Kat Westergaard Print Source: Thomas Woodrow
Producer: Thomas Woodrow
Cast: Mark Duplass, Melissa Leo, Brett Loehr

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

Down-and-out indie rocker Sam Bryant takes charge of his 15-year-old nephew and his friend for an ill-fated hiking trip to the mountains.


Sam (Mark Duplass) is a 34-year-old, headphone wearing slacker intent on pursuing a career as a rock musician (despite any industry interest) who plays with his own band, ‘Effort’. When his girlfriend abruptly dumps him, rendering him homeless and he’s turned down by the few friends he asks - it’s time to call in the family.  He soon finds himself begging his Aunt Sharon, an ex-hippie, single mom (Oscar nominated, Melissa Leo,”Frozen River”) to let him stay with her.

She agrees but there’s strings attached; Her ex-husband has just bailed out of a camping weekend with their teenage son and she’s looking for a replacement. Despite his initial misgivings, self-involved Sam soon finds himself taking his 14-year-old cousin Oliver and his best friend Jake on a camping trip.
The trio set off for the woods where Sam temporarily puts aside his own problems to focus on showing the boys a good time. The boys however resist his awkward attempts at male bonding and a power struggle ensues until an accident occurs and the tone significantly darkens, forcing all concerned to grow up.
Mark Duplass, who also stars in our opening night film, Humpday, once again demonstrates his considerable acting ability. while debut director, Craig Johnson keeps things moving in this well- paced, nuanced tale of latent rites of passage.