Schedule: 10th October

PANEL: Music for Film

Saturday 10 Oct 12:00

Leading composers and filmmakers will be discussing the importance of a score to a film, how this is tailored, the steps it takes to produce it and the all important collaborate it takes between the filmmaker, composer and musician. This panel is composed of some of the most interesting musicians around, and also professionals of the industry responsible for doing the link between the filmmakers and the composers and musicians.


Saturday 3 Oct 19:15 - Saturday 10 Oct 12:00

80 Minutes, 8 Candidates, 1 answer, no question. How far would you go to win the ultimate job?

The Slovenian Girl

Thursday 1 Oct 18:15 - Saturday 10 Oct 12:30

A young prostitute tries to keep her job secret from her family.

Shorts Programme 13

Saturday 10 Oct 14:15

Screening: Shank 25' Braco 21'52 Killer 9'32 Top Girl 18'30 Hollywood Jerome 10'30

PANEL: Radar Music Video

Saturday 10 Oct 14:00

Music video directors of Radar screening and talking about their recent commissions, and also focus on practical aspects, like how to write music video treatments; prepping, shooting and post on tight budgets; how to get good promo and view counts for music videos.

The Cry Of The Owl

Friday 9 Oct 18:30 - Saturday 10 Oct 14:45

Based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith (The Talented Mr Ripley), a stalker finds himself accused of a murder, featuring Paddy Considine and Julia Stiles.

A Normal Life Please

Saturday 10 Oct 16:30

This eye-popping doc blows the lid on Japan’s easing of labour regulations, as an overworked truck driver is menaced after he joins a workers union.

House of Numbers

Thursday 1 Oct 14:30 - Saturday 10 Oct 16:45

Brent Leung challenges the conventional wisdom that surround HIV/AIDS

Llik Your Idols

Saturday 10 Oct 17:00

Portrayal of 1980’s downtown NYC.

My Suicide

Saturday 10 Oct 18:30

Comedy in which a young man documents the lead up to his suicide.

Twilight Dancing

Saturday 10 Oct 19:00

A stunningly enigmatic, lyrical love story that recalls Tarkovsky in its imagery.

We Fun

Saturday 10 Oct 19:15

An insider’s look at the world of bands like the Black Lips, Deerhunter and Mastodon that started off playing home parties and homemade venues before rising to international prominence.

A Necessary Death

Saturday 10 Oct 21:00

Greeted at its SXSW premiere with consternation, morbid fascination and eventually a rapturous response, A Necessary Death follows the story of one man's suicide, from his reply to the documentary-maker's online advertisement through to its jaw-dropping conclusion.


Saturday 10 Oct 21:15

Homage to film noir women-in-prison films, diabolically tongue in cheek take on a prison movie.

The Life and Death of a Porno Gang

Saturday 10 Oct 21:30

A director makes acquaintance with his porn star cast for his new film.