Schedule: 9th October

A Piece Of Our Life - Kakera

Wednesday 7 Oct 20:30 - Friday 9 Oct 14:15

A touching portrait of a relationship between a student whose relationship is going nowhere and a bisexual artist.

Shorts Programme 11

Friday 9 Oct 14:15

Screening: Young Love 6'52 Henna Night 11'56 Tender As Hellfire 18' All Day Breakfast 12' Sunshower 13'44 The Connoisseurs 16' Tea And Biscuits 12'34 Interpretation 7'35

GIG: Raindance Film Café Closing Night - Ralfe Band

Friday 9 Oct 18:00

Ralfe Band was started by songwriter, actor, director Oly Ralfe (THE MIGHTY BOOSH TOUR DOC) and drummer Andrew Mitchell and has included various other members.

The Philosopher Kings

Wednesday 7 Oct 16:15 - Friday 9 Oct 15:15

A documentary about the wisdom found among janitors employed at some of America’s most prestigious universities.

Special When Lit

Friday 9 Oct 16:30

Special When Lit rediscovers the lure of a lost pop icon - pinball. The phenomenon that once swept the world is now a nostalgic footnote...but for some it defines life itself.

Shorts Programme 12

Friday 9 Oct 16:45

Screening: Botnik 10'42 Almost A Legend 37'15 The Deaths Of Chet Baker 7'51

The Investigator

Friday 9 Oct 17:15 - Sunday 11 Oct 19:00

 A young man has to decide whether to kill a man in order to afford to save his sick and dying mother.

The Cry Of The Owl

Friday 9 Oct 18:30 - Saturday 10 Oct 14:45

Based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith (The Talented Mr Ripley), a stalker finds himself accused of a murder, featuring Paddy Considine and Julia Stiles.

Memory & Desire: 30 Years In The Wilderness With Stephen Duffy & The Lilac Time

Friday 9 Oct 19:00

Documentarian Douglas Arrowsmith journeys to uncover the mysteries of Stephen Duffy as he returns from traveling the world with Britain's most popular solo artist.

The Dinner Party

Friday 9 Oct 19:30 - Sunday 11 Oct 14:15

Conflicting fates collide in this dark thriller from Canberra, Australia, when Laura Cox’s Angela plots an evening to remember where the invited guests of her soiree are not guaranteed to leave the table alive.  Tensions mount as the true nature of the gathering becomes frighteningly clear to those at the table, and what should have been a pleasant evening all round becomes a struggle to both understand and ultimately survive the ordeal.


Friday 9 Oct 21:00 - Sunday 11 Oct 12:00

Alone at an old house, a woman finds mini-dv tapes that reveal a murder. Starring Brittany Murphy and Thora Birch.

Miles Away

Friday 9 Oct 21:15

It's 1987, two bag men lay low with their loot as 'mad cow disease' spreads throughout the countryside.

NETWORK: Filmmakers Networking Drink - Friday 9/10

Friday 9 Oct 22:00-23:00

Join us for a late evening: affordable drinks, good music and visuals – it’s our treat.


Friday 9 Oct 22:00

An uproarious and vibrant comic portrait of those at the heart of Japan’s outlandish sex industry.