Schedule: 8th October

SEMINAR: Martell - Structural Freaks

Thursday 8 Oct 13:00-14:30

Do you understand structure? Is your script running out of steam halfway through? Exploring different methods of structuring your screenplay.

The Longest Night

Monday 5 Oct 22:00 - Thursday 8 Oct 14:15

 World premiere of German horror film made by award-winning (Cowboy) director Till Kleinert. A group of childhood friends spend the night camping in the woods. But as darkness falls, their nostalgic summer getaway becomes an apocalyptic nightmare.

Resurrecting The Street Walker

Wednesday 7 Oct 18:15 - Thursday 8 Oct 14:30

An ambitious young filmmaker discovers an abandoned horror movie from the 1980s and decides to finish it - big mistake!

Shorts Programme 9

Thursday 08 Oct - 14:45

Screening: Larry (The Actor) 33' Inside David Mamet's Computer 24'49 Mentoring Mickey Rourke 8' The 8th Samourai

The Director's Cut

Thursday 8 Oct 16:30

Slickly shot and dripping with gore, this rollicking black comedy shows what happens when a director refuses to relinquish his dream even as cast and crew drop dead around him.

Shorts Programme 10

Thursday 8 Oct 16:45

Screening: Roar 16' Infidel 17' The Screaming Skull 9'58 Where The Monsters Go 12'15 Make Yourself At Home 20'30 Jericho 12' No One

Carmo - Hit The Road

Thursday 8 Oct 17:00 - Sunday 11 Oct 19:00

 A Spanish smuggler driving through Brazil is assaulted and has his load stolen.

SEMINAR: Meet The Sales Agent

Thursday 8 Oct 18:00-19:00

Learn from some of the UK's leading Sales Agents what it takes to get your film picked up by an agent, how to package, what to expect and the process. The panel will be hosted by Elliot Grove.

EKV - As it Once Was [EKV - Kao da je bilo nekad]

Thursday 8 Oct 18:45

If you ask anyone on the territory of ex-Yugoslavia about their favourite bands with biggest influence Ekatarina Velika,  will definitely be up there.This documentary shows the rising and the fall of one amazing band. The film was first shown in four episodes of a series, and after that the author created a complex film about the ups and downs of the greatest band from SFR.


Thursday 8 Oct 19:00

Steamy and sexual psychodrama, between a writer, his wife and his muse.

Lily Festival

Thursday 8 Oct 19:30

The inhabitants of a retirement home find their passions rekindled when a 75-year-old lothario moves into their accommodation.


Thursday 8 Oct 21:15

Rules for Success: “A Big Chase and A Big Chest.”  The true story of a feature film shot in three days: The making of The Witches of Breastwick.

Gogol Bordello - Non-Stop

Thursday 8 Oct 22:00

Following the steps of artist Eugene Hutz, from early Ruso-disco to his steps into the international limelight.

NETWORK: Filmmakers Networking Drink - Thursday 8/10

Thursday 8 Oct 22:00-23:00

Join us for a late evening: affordable drinks, good music and visuals – it’s our treat.