Schedule: 6th October

SEMINAR: Martell - More Sex and Violence

Tuesday 6 Oct 13:00-14:30

How to design an exciting action sequence, integrate action and character, create a high concept villain's plan, write hot love scenes without resorting to porn, use diversion & anticipation to make your script unpredictable, and create great heroes and villains.

Locked Out

Monday 5 Oct 21:45 - Tuesday 6 Oct 13:45

Hiroshi, a man wandering in rural Japan aimlessly, encounters 6 year-old Keita, who triggers a conflict between conscience and a dark violent nature.

Borges and I

Sunday 4 Oct 18:30

Filmed through the use of a secret camera, an out-of-work actor tries to uncover the reasons for his failures.

PERFORMANCE: Plug & Play - Tuesday 6/10

Tuesday 6 Oct 15:00-16:00

One hour slot in the afternoon at Raindance Film Café, for you to show your precious audio-visual stuff; (short movies, video art, short documentaries, live vj session) in our big screen and loud speakers. Invite your buddies, bring your film crew and join us for a plug and play session!

Crying With Laughter

Monday 5 Oct 19:45 - Tuesday 6 Oct 15:00

 Let Joey Frisk tell you about the worst week of his life.

Shorts Programme 6

Sunday 29 September 17:30

Screening: Sertoli, Sertoli, Sertoli 16'47 Deus In Machina 29' The Cats 24'13

Jail Guitar Doors: Breaking Rocks

Thursday 1 Oct 18:30 - Tuesday 6 Oct 16:00

This inspiring documentary tells the story of Jail Guitar Doors, Billy Bragg's independent initiative which aims to provide instruments to prison inmates using music to achieve rehabillitation. The film, screening at Proud Galleries, Camden, will be followed by a gig featuring Billy Bragg, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Mick Jones (The Clash), Wayne Kramer (MC5), Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters) and the JGD Graduates.

Shorts Programme 7

Tuesday 6 Oct 17:15

Screening: Dominoes And Checkers Competition 16' Rolfe 10' Forgotten Bird of Paradise 26'01 John And Gaynor 14'30 This House Believes 32'


Tuesday 6 Oct 17:45 - Wednesday 7 Oct 14:30

An eccentric portrait of a woman who lives alone, whose relationships border on hostility, and who plays dangerous sexual games with her married former teacher.

Emilia Galotti

Tuesday 6 Oct 18:15

Sixteen years old Emilia Galotti is in a coma from an overdose. Her story is told through the memories of her father who cares for her.


Tuesday 6 Oct 18:15

A terrible though fascinating reality and little glimmers of light in its immobility.

PARTY: Japanese Party

Tuesday 6 Oct 19:00-22:00

An audio-visual jam, featuring a VJ version of Kakera, one of this year’s highly anticipated films,  remixed by Visual Impaired Artists, accompanied by dj set from "Tides" aka Stormfield. Plus Japanese Alt-rock.

In Your Name

Tuesday 6 Oct 19:30 - Wednesday 7 Oct 16:45

A young engineering student gets involved in the armed fight against the brazilian dictatorship in the 70's. In exile he learns to gauge reality in a whole new way.

LECTURE: Alexander Mackendrick

Tuesday 6 Oct 20:00

Acclaimed director, Terence Davies talks, in conversation with Fred Hogge, about his career, his influences, and the craft of making movies. The interview will be followed by a screening of his most recent film, Of Time And The City.

I Think We're Alone Now

Tuesday 6 Oct 21:45

Sean Donnelly follows the lives of two Tiffany stalkers.

NETWORK: Filmmakers Networking Drink - Tuesday 6/10

Tuesday 6 Oct 22:00-23:00

Join us for a late evening: affordable drinks, good music and visuals – it’s our treat.