Schedule: 2nd October


Thursday 1 Oct 19:15 - Friday 2 Oct 13:15

Paul Cotter pumps new life into the time worn road movie genre in a feature full of energy and surprise.

You Won't Miss Me

Thursday 1 Oct 19:00 - Friday 2 Oct 14:30

A kaleidoscopic film portrait, set in Manhattan, of Shelly Brown, a 23 year-old alienated urban misfit recently released from a psychiatric hospital.

Plymouth College of Art Student Shorts

Friday 2 October 16:00

Screening: Alright on The Night 3' Coopers Cut 3' Crawlspace  3' Fields 9' Heaven Hotel 3' Kat Marsh: Live at Presspack Studios 5'  Leon 1'  Mama Kiko: A Seed of Hope 25' Meilleurs d'Amis 3' Shark In New York 1' Spotting The Sunshine 12' SX51.56 1' The Sleeper 15' Topophilia 2' Traces 1' Voices of Bretonside 4' Widey View 13'

Peaches Film Festival Shorts

Friday 2 Oct 15:30

Brilliant Japanese Shorts

Shorts Programme 2

Friday 2 Oct 16:45

Screening: Marker 12' The Taxidermist 22' Conrad The Wise 9'45 Cupid 14'30 Sky People 13' The Package (Das Paket) 9' Of Best Intentions 14' Metro Boulot Dodo 5'30

The Narcotic Farm

Friday 2 Oct 17:45

Former inmates reveal a previously untold story of jazz, human drug testing and secret CIA research at America’s first prison for drug addicts. Narrated by Wayne Kramer (MC5)

HERZOG La Soufrière & The White Diamond

Friday 2 Oct 18:15

As part of V22's Werner Herzog London Film Screenings .

GIG: Raindance Film Café Opening Night

Friday 2 Oct 18:00

A brand new venue, and a brand new concept for independent film in the heart of London's West End. Opening night music with Billy Childish.

25 Carats [25 Kilates]

Friday 2 Oct 19:00 - Monday 5 Oct 13:45

A tense thriller set in Barcelona’s criminal underworld.

True Adolescents

Friday 2 Oct 20:45

Down-and-out indie rocker Sam Bryant takes charge of his 15-year-old nephew and his friend for an ill-fated hiking trip to the mountains.

Down Terrace

Friday 2 Oct 21:15 - Wednesday 7 Oct 13:45

Ken Loach meets The Sopranos in this darkly comic and disturbing slice of social surrealism

Easier With Practice

Friday 2 Oct 19:30

Davy is on a road trip and gets seduced into a phone sex relationship by a mysterious woman.

NETWORK: Raindance Film Café Opening Night - Filmmakers Networking Drinks

Friday 2 October 22:00-23:00

Join us for a late evening: affordable drinks, good music and visuals – it’s our treat.