Schedule: 1st October

House of Numbers

Thursday 1 Oct 14:30 - Saturday 10 Oct 16:45

Brent Leung challenges the conventional wisdom that surround HIV/AIDS

Shorts Programme 1

Thursday 1 Oct 15:00

Screening: PomPom 6' The Incredible Story Of My Great Grandmother Olive 12'18 Leonardo 9'30 The Cat Piano 8'28 Be Ok 1' Biet-Ly 7'45 The Mouse That Soared 5'45 The Girl With Liquid Eyes 4'37 1000 Voices 8' Meat Waffle 8'46 Touche 2'10 Natal Attraction 3'40 Deux Regards 3' Meltdown 6'07 JSY 1'25


Thursday 1 Oct 16:00

Naturalistically-shot romantic drama between a stripper and a traditional craftsman

PLANEAT: How To Feed A Planet

Thursday 1 Oct 16:45

How does food affect us and the planet? Scientists, chefs and farmers discover how eating can help tackle cancer, heart disease, and even climate change.

It Came From Kuchar

Thursday 1 Oct 17:15

Documentary on the zany, influential, underground filmmaking twins.

The Slovenian Girl

Thursday 1 Oct 18:15 - Saturday 10 Oct 12:30

A young prostitute tries to keep her job secret from her family.

You Won't Miss Me

Thursday 1 Oct 19:00 - Friday 2 Oct 14:30

A kaleidoscopic film portrait, set in Manhattan, of Shelly Brown, a 23 year-old alienated urban misfit recently released from a psychiatric hospital.

LIVE: Jail Guitar Doors: Screening + Gig (with special guest!)

Thursday 1 Oct 18:30 - Proud Galleries Camden

Jail Guitar Doors is an inspiring documentary which tells the story of Billy Bragg's independent initiative that aims to provide instruments to those who are using music as a means of achieving the rehabilitation of prison inmates. The screening will be followed by a gig featuring Billy Bragg (full set), Get Cape..Wear Cape.Fly (full band),Wayne Kramer (MC5), Chris Shifflett (Foo Fighters) The Rotten Hill Gang (feat. Mick Jones), as well as Jail Guitar Doors graduates Leon Walker and Jonny Neesom. There are also some very special guests to be announced. We're not kidding - you really want to be at this gig...


Thursday 1 Oct 19:15 - Friday 2 Oct 13:15

Paul Cotter pumps new life into the time worn road movie genre in a feature full of energy and surprise.

Instant Swamp

Thursday 1 Oct 20:30

The latest comic romp from the director of Adrift in Tokyo and Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast Swimmers, featuring a young woman trying to end her run of bad luck.

Modern Love Is Automatic

Thursday 1 Oct 21:15

An apathetic nurse moonlights as a dominatrix.

Playing Columbine

Thursday 1 Oct 21:30

The Story of the controversy over the release of the video game ‘Super Columbine Massacre’.