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1000 Voices

On an answerphone in a government basement those detained indefinitely in UK removal centres leave messages. As they speak their experiences materialize in nightmarish images.

Act Your Age

A memoir of early adolescence constructed from an instructional video originally produced in 1959.


Adelaide is looking for love in all the wrong places. Seeking attention by faking illnesses, she runs into Brad at the pharmacystrategy - and their lives - upside down.

All Day Breakfast

Daryl, nineteen and going nowhere fast.  Mother antagonises him,  'Girlfriend' has big dreams and the ship beached on blackpool shore just does his head in.

Almost A Legend

This documentary celebrates the colourful life of lyricist Fran Landesman, whose songs have been recorded by some of the greatest singers of all time.

Alright On The Night

Alright on the Night tells the story of two circus clowns, Trev and Alex, who after a long time as partners begin to realise that they are coming to the end of their relationship.

And Another Thing

So very tired of doing all the work at home herself, an overburdened mother finally lets her husband know exactly how she feels.

And What Remains

What defines a father, is what he leaves behind.

Annwyl Plant

Mother of two presents a touching and personal 'letter' to her children, exposing the fears and anxieties that plague parenthood, with worries of climate change.

The Award

Two young researchers who have won first prize for their technological invention are returning home by train. During the trip they recognize a well-known political authority and they decide to ask him for advice on how to turn this idea into a reality. The prototype, which required all their efforts, could be built only if someone believes in their talent.

Be Ok

“Be Ok” is a short music video created on After Effects. Each individual frame was drawn upon in Photoshop and then strewn back together, ultimately creating a complex yet fun digital interpretation of “drawing on film”.


Days on the Shore is about the confrontation between a group of boat refugees and their oppressor following the Vietnam War.


A frustrated artist who longs to win the heart of a sexy beatnik chick goes to robotic extremes to create the ultimate art show.


In the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere… A gas station. A suicidal nightman, a couple, and two criminals…

Bull Republic

The zen text 'The Ten Bulls' is the inspiration for the montage of collected images focusing around the practice of Japanese archery.

Bunny In Hovel

A portrait of a highly dysfunctional family.

The Capgras Tide

A man returns home from hospital convinced his father is an impostor. In an attempt to prove his theory he uncovers a more shocking truth.

The Cat Piano

A city of singing cats are preyed upon by a mysterious figure intent on performing his own feline symphonie.

The Cats

Story of a private eye whose life takes a dangerous turn when he is blackmailed by a mysterious witness to one of his crimes.

Children of Manila

Children of Manila reveals three remarkable stories of children from the streets and the unexpected hope for a better future.

Coffin Call

"Don't answer the phone". At her husband's funeral, Jennifer and her boyfriend get an unexpected and unwanted call…

The Connoisseurs

Con-nois-seur (n.): a person of refined sensibility and discriminating taste; one who professes to know about such matters.

Conrad the Wise

Once upon a time a boy named Conrad had an unbearable guardian who didn't appreciate the pet monster he kept in the shed…

Coopers Cut

This dark story concerns two characters, Cassie and Cooper. Both are hopelessly in love and completely unaware of the jealousy their relationship has created. However unbeknownst to our young lovers, Cassie's ex, Mark, has set in motion a deadly trap, that will see them tested to their limits.


Crawlspace is collaboration between Raindance writing students, and sonic artists from the Café Concrete Collective, which explores fear, confinement and the unexpected consequence of rescue.

Crazy Hands

The story of a man who wakes to discover that his hands have a life of their own.


Life through the eyes of eight-year-old Mina, who yearns for someone to call Mum.


In this romantic comedy of mythical proportions, even the God of Love might have a thing or two to learn.

A Daily Day

An Ordinary woman will question herself on all the strange and nonsense things that surrounds us in our daily enviroment. Through her reflections she will imagine poetic and absurd answers.

Das Paket

The two harderned gangsters Klaus and Bernd have to supply again. One package. The Geman Transporter.

The Deaths Of Chet Baker

An exploration of the mysteries surrounding the death of jazz icon Chet Baker whose body was found below his Amsterdam hotel window in 1988.

Delphinium: A Childhood Portrait of Derek Jarman

Delphinium is a stylized and lyrical coming-of-age portrait of legendary painter, filmmaker, and activist Derek Jarman's artistic, sexual, and political awakening in post-War England.

Deus In Machina

A future where conformity is the highes ideal holds no place for a dreamer like Lutz. He makes a desperate gambit, for his personal happy end.

Deux Regards

At the interstice between materiality and immateriality, Direct work on the filmstrip is digitally rendered, creating tension between surface and depth

Diary Of The End

A woman facing a bleak future recounts her life in sketchy, seemingly random episodes. The scars and despairs left by a life of burden and sacrifice, but little joy, inevitable emerge.

Dominoes and Checkers Competition

The film was shot during the competition in checkers and domino among patients from mental hospitals. They play and speak about their life stories, their dreams, feelings and wishes.


Echoes is a short film about a sex trafficker called Anya who is faced with a moral dilemma when she discovers that a young girl that she is trafficking from Lithuania to London is pregnant.

The Edge Of Town

When the body of a woman is discovered in the woods, it triggers a series of connections between four locals and gradually reveals the cause of her death.


With her own body no long quite the shape it used to be, Sawa indulges a secret passion to organize dates with men in love hotels – but she doesn’t stick around to follow through, merely watches from a distance to see if anyone comes.

Emilia Galotti

Sixteen years old Emilia Galotti is in a coma from an overdose. Her story is told through the memories of her father who cares for her.


Fields explores the complex emotions of love, lust, tragedy and grief. by following a young boy as he tries to come to terms with his older brother’s death. This tale takes its audience through a beautiful and emotional adventure that unfolds the truth behind this heartbreaking event.

Forgotten Bird of Paradise

An undercover documentary filmed in West Papua, providing a rare and moving insight into the long forgotten struggle for freedom of the Papuan people from Indonesian rule.