Thursday 8 Oct 19:00


91 mins

Screening with "Lucky Quid"
Director: Gareth Jones Country: UK
Writer: Gareth Jones Original Format: RED
Dir. of Photography: Alex Ryle Print Source: Fiona Howe
Producer: Fiona Howe
Cast: Oscar Pearce, Tella Kpomahou, Daisy Smith

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

DESIRE explores the link between sex and creativity through the story of a screenwriter struggling with a character who threatens to take over not just his creative life but his sanity.   A steamy psychodrama starring Oscar Pearce and Tella Kpomahou.


Agoraphobic writer Ralph (Oscar Pearce) is struggling to finish his screenplay. Trapped indoors, deserted of inspiration and feeling emasculated by the success of his fiesty actress wife Pheobe (Daisy Smith), his reputation and his family slowly crumbles around him. As his screenplay deadline looms near, he hires Néné (Tella Kpomahou), a young student from Paris, to look after the distracting children.

Beautiful and mysterious, Néné's presence opens a Pandora's Box of frustrations and unfulfilled sexual desires for both Ralph and Phoebe. But this ménage à trois of self-exploration, desire and passion comes at a cost. The boundaries start to blur and it is uncertain whether this is life imitating art or who Néné really wants, the husband or the wife.

Desire is the latest feature from award-winning writer and director Gareth Jones, (Brass, Shalom Salaam) based on his highly personal screenplay. This steamy and sexual psychodrama is an exploration of the relationship between sexual desire and creativity, how one can ignite and drive the other. Shot entirely in the confines of a London home with a theatre-trained cast, the film captures the intensity of emotions and erotic desires in the unravelling of a seemingly stable married couple.