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Ain't No Tomorrows

Drama portraying the emotional dynamics of a group of kids as they reach the age of sexual awareness.

All The Years Of Trying

Music documentary about cult ‘punk poet’ Patrik Fitzgerald. Preceded by live performances " Unplugged and Underground - Attila the Stockbroker + Milk Kan".

At The Foot Of A Tree

A freckle faced boy takes brutal heartfelt revenge for the beating of his father and then attempts to deal with the consequences that follow.

Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story

Anyone interested in Eddie Izzard will be interested in this documentary chronicling his rise from obscurity.

Blair Witch Project

Raindance Retrospective screening


Paul Cotter pumps new life into the time worn road movie genre in a feature full of energy and surprise.

Borges and I

Filmed through the use of a secret camera, an out-of-work actor tries to uncover the reasons for his failures.

Carmo - Hit The Road

 A Spanish smuggler driving through Brazil is assaulted and has his load stolen.


Gabor  seduces disillusioned women, methodically taking their money, until he meets a woman who would be the ideal victim - if love doesn't get in the way.


UK zombie horror shot for only £45, Colin has become an international sensation.

The Cry Of The Owl

Based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith (The Talented Mr Ripley), a stalker finds himself accused of a murder, featuring Paddy Considine and Julia Stiles.

Crying With Laughter

 Let Joey Frisk tell you about the worst week of his life.


Alone at an old house, a woman finds mini-dv tapes that reveal a murder. Starring Brittany Murphy and Thora Birch.


Steamy and sexual psychodrama, between a writer, his wife and his muse.

The Dinner Party

Conflicting fates collide in this dark thriller from Canberra, Australia, when Laura Cox’s Angela plots an evening to remember where the invited guests of her soiree are not guaranteed to leave the table alive.  Tensions mount as the true nature of the gathering becomes frighteningly clear to those at the table, and what should have been a pleasant evening all round becomes a struggle to both understand and ultimately survive the ordeal.

The Director's Cut

Slickly shot and dripping with gore, this rollicking black comedy shows what happens when a director refuses to relinquish his dream even as cast and crew drop dead around him.

Down Terrace

Ken Loach meets The Sopranos in this darkly comic and disturbing slice of social surrealism

Easier With Practice

Davy is on a road trip and gets seduced into a phone sex relationship by a mysterious woman.

EKV - As it Once Was [EKV - Kao da je bilo nekad]

If you ask anyone on the territory of ex-Yugoslavia about their favourite bands with biggest influence Ekatarina Velika,  will definitely be up there.This documentary shows the rising and the fall of one amazing band. The film was first shown in four episodes of a series, and after that the author created a complex film about the ups and downs of the greatest band from SFR.


80 Minutes, 8 Candidates, 1 answer, no question. How far would you go to win the ultimate job?