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Critical Content is the brand new Raindance review section. It has a commitment to reviewing any independently distributed film with a cinematic release in the UK, no matter what the scale of that release may be. Reviews found in this section are written by Jules Garnett.

The Critical Content Philosophy

Filmmakers need to be held responsible. With the amount of time, effort and money it takes to go to see a film, you ought to know what you'll get out of it first.

On the other hand, all good films deserve advocates. Independent films, especially those with limited releases, often have none. This section is here to remedy this.


James' Articles

16.09.10 A Town Called Panic
16.09.10 I'm Still Here

Jules' Articles

04.06.10 A Town Called Panic
04.06.10 I'm Still Here
04.06.10 Axis Of War: My Long March
04.06.10 Axis Of War: The First Of August
07.05.10 Lockjaw
05.05.10 A Nightmare On Elm Street
30.04.10 The Assassin's Blade
29.04.10 City Of War: The Story Of John Rabe
26.04.10 Revanche
19.04.10 It's A Wonderful Afterlife
14.04.10 The Ghost
13.04.10 I Am Love
12.04.10 Shelter
22.03.10 Séraphine
17.03.10 The Scouting Book For Boys
10.03.10 The House Of The Devil
02.03.10 Chloe
24.02.10 Apocalypse Of The Dead
22.02.10 American Hot Babes
15.02.10 Pandorum
12.02.10 Ponyo
10.02.10 Attack On Leningrad
26.01.10 Sin Nombre
26.01.10 Tony
19.01.10 A Prophet
13.01.10 Creation
06.01.10 Treeless Mountain
03.12.09 The Descent: Part 2
03.12.09 The Box
09.11.09 Harry Brown
09.11.09 Blood: The Last Vampire
16.10.09 The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life
14.10.09 Unmade Beds
12.10.09 The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
15.09.09 Three Miles North of Molkom
03.09.09 Bustin Down The Doors
19.08.09 The Damned United
14.08.09 Died Young, Stayed Pretty
10.08.09 John Hughes - a personal remembrance
22.07.09 Burma VJ: Reporting from a closed country
21.07.09 What's In A  Review?


Are you organising a release we might not have heard about? We don't care how limited the run may be, as long as it's in UK cinemas, and there's either a press screening in London or a screener copy available.

Contact us to arrange a review

About The Author

Jules is a writer and Filmmaker of international infamy who lives in London. He has a BA in Digital Filmmaking, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Audio-Visual Production. He has written reviews for Raindance and the Cambridge Film Festival, as well as a number of pieces on a freelance basis. His hair can be seen from over a mile away.

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