Schedule: 11th October

One Day Removals

Saturday 11 October 12:00 Cineworld

 Six corpses  Two removal men  One bad day

Dissecting Distribution: From Self To Theatrical

Saturday 11 October 14:15 Cineworld

Saturday 11 October 14:15 Cineworld – Stacey Parks Join Stacey Parks, author of "The Insiders Guide To Independent Film Distribution" (Focal) and founder of for this introductory crash course on Distribution.

Shorts: Lucid Chronicles

Saturday 11 October 12:30 Cineworld


Seven Signs

Saturday 11 October 14:45 Cineworld

Possessed by a vision similar to that of the tent-show evangelists down in Dixie, Colonel J.D. Wilkes (the charismatic frontman and songwriter for the Legendary Shack*Shakers) sets off with a camera crew to prove that the older, stranger South still exists in all of its eerie, time-worn, & gothic glory...despite the expansion of the "New South's" urban sprawl. An Epiphone guitar can be won at this screening.

Final Cut Pro - Graphics and SFX

Saturday 11 October 16:00 + Speaker tbc – The Rex

Saturday 11 October 16:00 + Speaker tbc – The Rex Introduction and brief history and contextual analysis of Final Cut Pro in the current post market by Tony Dickie. Mr Dickie and Ben Foakes of Sequence Training Ltd - Apple's flagship authorised training centre, present the making of the 2008 BBC1 Grand National Opening Titles.

Anatomy Of A Reel - Mark Tonderai

Saturday 11 October 16:30 Trocadero 4

Saturday 11 October 16:30 Trocadero 4 In Anatomy of a Reel Mark Tonderai and his key heads of department breakdown the first reel of the thriller HUSH from idea to final cut. The reel will be pulled apart and looked at from the perspective of the Writer, Director, DOP, Composer and Editor in their singular effort to create a suspense story. What makes the cut, what doesn’t and why - forms answers about what a thriller is. Within this structure they will also provide a snapshot on the stresses of making a low budget feature film not look like a low budget feature film to compete on the global market.


Saturday 11th October 17:00 – Cineworld


Japanther In (3-D) Dino Deth Dans

Saturday 11 October 18:00 The Rex

This film captures JPNTHR in (3-D) which was a performance staged in Nobember 2007 as part of the Performa biennial in New York City.


Saturday 11 October 18:00 The Tex

Artists and ex-members of 70's influential UK Anarcho-Punk music outfit, Crass, Penny Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher exhibit their work and perform in art exhibits in the US.

This World Of Ours (Oretachi No Sekai)

Saturday 11 October 18:45 Cineworld

A raw and anarchic portrait of a generation sick of the world they live in, a generation without hope or future living by their own rules.

Zebra Crossings

Saturday 11 October 19:10 Cineworld

Set amongst the backdrop of the towering, concrete-clad estates of south London ‘Zebra Crossings’ blends a diverse mixture of characters that all share one thing in common: The incredible loneliness of living alongside 7 million other people.

Colonel JD Wilkes, Japanther, Penny Rimbaud, Louise Elliott

Saturday 11 October 8 pm The Rex


Wild Blue Yonder

Saturday 11 October 21:00 Cineworld

This provocative first person documentary chronicles Celia's quest to get to know her father, famed verite documentarian David Maysles (GREY GARDENS, GIMME SHELTER w/ the Rolling Stones, SALESMAN) who died when she was seven.

The Birthday

Saturday 11 October 21:45 Cineworld

A young man very much in love with his girlfriend, attends her father's birthday party, held in a hotel where a sect happens to be preparing for the birth of the god it worships.

The Auteur

Saturday 11 October 22:00 The Rex

A mockumentary following formerly renowned porn director Arturo Domingo (Five Easy Nieces, Requiem for a Wet Dream) through a bizarre weekend as he receives a lifetime achievement award at a film festival in Portland, OR.