Schedule: 8th October

Tender Throbbing Twilight (Tasogare)

Tuesday 7 October 20:45 - Wednesday 8 October 14:00 Cineworld

With a quirky and surprisingly touching tale of love at the far side of retirement age, proving that Japanese sex films are not just for dirty old men; they can also be about dirty old men.

The Virgin Wildsides vol. 2

Tuesday 7 October 21:15 - Wednesday 8 October 14:00 Cineworld


Little Ashes

Tuesday 7 October 19:00 Wednesday 8 October 14:30 Cineworld

Love. Art. Betrayal... Little Ashes brings to life the long-hidden, highly controversial relationship between the young Salvador Dali and the doomed poet Federico Garcia Lorca.

Shorts: Liberating Concepts

Wednesday 8 October 16:30 Cineworld



Wednesday 8 October 17:00 Cineworld

What happens to the 705 residents of Crawford, Texas when George W. Bush moves to town?

Producer's Masterclass

Wednesday 8th October 18:00 The Rex

Wednesday 8th October 18:00 The Rex NPA CEO David Pope interviews one of the UK’s leading independent producers Rebecca O’Brien.

The Fame Game

Wednesday 8 October 18:30 Cineworld

Wednesday 8 October 18:30 – Mark Borkowski – Cineworld Mark Borkowski, publicist and author of the Fame Formula, described as "the Obi-Wan Kenobi of PR" in conversation with Peter Dunne, former Head of International Publicity at DreamWorks together provide a unique insight into the global publicity tactics of the film industry.

The End

Wednesday 8 October 19:00 Thursday 9 October 14:30

Reveals the bloody history and confessions of the cockney gangster.

Dailymotion Screening

Wednesday 8 October 19:30 The Rex

Wednesday 8 October 19:30 The Rex

Jazz Night

Wednesday 8 October 8 pm The Rex


Adrift In Tokyo (Ten-Ten)

Wednesday 8 October 20:45 - Thursday 9 October 14:00 Cineworld

Starring Joe Odagiri as the hapless law student Fumiya, who has somehow managed to rack up over 800,000 yen in debt with little prospect of paying ever it back. After being accosted by surly-looking loan shark Fukuhara, he is given just three days to come up with the cash, but having been abandoned as a child at the age of 3, there’s no immediate family members for him to turn to.

A Permanent Part-Timer In Distress (Sônan furiitâ)

Wednesday 8 October 21:15 Cineworld

Iwabuchi’s documentary debut is a fine example of someone using new video technology to reaffirm his own identity and reclaim his place in society.

Fujica Single-Date

Wednesday 8 October 21:15 Cineworld

This playful video diary starts off as a lament to Fuji’s decision to cease production of Super 8mm film in 2007, a medium on which so many of today’s established filmmakers honed their craft, but soon meanders into a nostalgic meditation on film and its romantic possibilities.

9 To 5

Wednesday 8 October 22:00 The Rex

A portrait about people who work in adult entertainment, a business bigger than the music industry. For a period of over a year, ten different stories unfold, delivering insight into the personal lives of the characters, their hopes and their dreams. However, the demands of the job can take a toll; and a short time in this world can be the start, a part, or the end of both a career and a normal life.