Schedule: 5th October

Shorts: Enigma Flicks

Sunday 5 October 12:00 Cineworld


Art And Apathy

Sunday 5 October 12:30 Cineworld

Art and Apathy is a look at the relationship between conflict and creativity in Israel and Palestine. The project is a conversation between four short poetic pieces that describe the effects of the Israel Palestine conflict on Israeli artists and features both acclaimed and underground voices.


Sunday 5 October 12:30 Cineworld

A portrait of the demise of the Soviet Union as seen through the eyes of the people who endured it. Karosta has endured times of tremendous strife, however a small group of artists offer hope for the future.

Wetlands Preserved

Sunday 5 October 14:15 Cineworld

The story of Wetlands, the first (and perhaps only) activist nightclub. An Epiphone guitar can be won at this screening.

The Project

Sunday 5 October 14:45 Cineworld

Justin, Dana, and John set out to make a documentary about the hardships of inner-city Brooklyn and soon become active members with what they expected to observe.  

Shorts: Rebel Moods

Sunday 5 October 16:30 Cineworld


The 4th Man

Sunday 5 October 17:00 Cineworld

Fourth man is something different from the land  of Serbia; a very well directed, and scripted movie with Nikola Kojo in the leading role who deadpans effortlessly trough the picture, and executes everyone with real pleasure.

Wings Of Defeat

Sunday 5 October 18:45 and Monday 6 October 14:00 Cineworld

Wings of Defeat mixes original archival footage with candid interviews with a number of kamikaze survivors, interspersed with equally astonishing testimonies from surviving veterans of the USS Drexler, a destroyer sunk by two kamikaze pilots.


Sunday 5 October 19:00 Cineworld

The events of Goliath unfold without mercy or relief for a man who clings to his search for ‘the sweetest most wonderful cat in the whole world.’

Agile, Mobile, Hostile: A Year In The Life Of Andre Williams

Sunday 5 October 21:00 Cineworld

A year on the road with musician Andre Williams. An Epiphone guitar can be won at this screening.  

No Through Road

Sunday 5 October 21:15 Monday 6 October 14:30 Cineworld

The serenity of another quiet evening is shattered for an amateur photographer when a desperate woman takes refuge in his humble suburban home. Reluctantly, he is pulled into a cat and mouse game with her pursuers. Only dawn will reveal the blood-soaked fallout of being alone in the middle of suburbia.