Schedule: 4th October

A Message To The World

Saturday 4 October 12:00 Cineworld

A documentary following a day in the life of Jesse Hector ,The original Space age mod and ex Hammersmith Gorilla  as he traces his fifty years of Rock n'roll times round London. An Epiphone guitar can be won at this screening.

Lay Down Your Hearts

Saturday 4 October 12:00 Cineworld

The story of the rise to fame of the Zawose family, an East African musical dynasty.

Under The Snow (Nevando Voy)

Saturday 4 October 12:30 Cineworld

Following the unusual connection made between four workers at different stages of their lives, Under the Snow captures factory life in a way rarely seen: personal, flirtatious, introspective.


Saturday 4 October 14:15 Cineworld

A traveling salesman discovers he is working for a business that doesn't exist.

Shorts: Documentary 2

Saturday 4 October 14:45 Cineworld


Final Cut Pro - Redflow

Saturday 4 October 16:00 The Rex

Saturday 4 October 16:00 The Rex Introduction and brief history and contextual analysis of Final Cut Pro in the current post market by Tony Dickie. Sequence Post's Ben Foakes and Mike Fisher present a revolution in film making.

Tagliare le Parti in Grigio

Saturday 4 October 16:30 Cineworld

Nadia, Paola and Massimo are the victims of a serious road accident: before leaving the hospital they realize the pain they shared has linked them indelibly, it will be impossible to live as they used to do before and it won’t be longer possible to love their former lives. Discovering by chance  body-art, they'll look at themselves and their pain in a completely different way...

A Life In The Death Of Joe Meek

Saturday 4 October 17:00 Cineworld

This feature documentary chronicles the rise, fall and resurrection of Joe Meek, Britain's first independent pop record producer. An Epiphone guitar can be won at this screening.

SAE Film & Sound Masterclass

Saturday 4th October 6pm – The Rex

Saturday 4th October 6pm – The Rex

Production Office

Saturday 4 October 18:45 Cineworld

What happens Below-the-Line, stays Below-the-Line..

Gunnin' For That #1 Spot

Saturday 4 October 19:00 Cineworld

Beastie Boy Adam Yauch directs this stunning documentary, following eight high-school basketball players as they prepare for the first Boost Mobile Elite 24 Hoops Classic game in Harlem.

Left Ear

Saturday 4 October 19:30 The Rex

A confronting drama that tells the story of a lonely Polish immigrant in Australia who videos his life in an attempt to capture his dreams.

Mark Levin Harpist, Phillip Roebuck

Saturday 4 October 8pm The Rex


Watch Out

Saturday 4 October 21:00 Cineworld



Saturday 4 October 21:30 Cineworld

The intimate and terrifying account of an American businessman's plight at the hands of terrorists who will go to unimaginable lengths to make their voices heard.