Schedule: 3rd October

The Blue Tower

Thursday 2 October 20:45 Friday 3 October 14:00 Cineworld

Mohan is a young dreamer, unhappy in his marriage, pressured by his father-in-law into joining the family firm.  With his parents dead, he relies for money on the support of his tyrannical bed-ridden Auntie, Kamla, who delights in tormenting her innocent nephew. A stunning cross-cultural drama.

Gardens of the Night

Thursday 2 October 21:30 Friday 3 October 14:30 Cineworld

A film about two children,a boy and a girl, who are abducted separately by two men and then forced to live as a dysfunctional family.

Shorts: Reality Checks

Friday 3 October 16:30 Cineworld


Obituary For Escobar

Friday 3 October 17:00 Cineworld

Serbian crime drama focusing on Belgrade's violent criminal underworld.


Friday 3 October 18:00 The Rex

Inspired by the life of Hank Garland, Crazy is the story of a legendary guitar player who emerged from Nashville in the 1950’s. An Epiphone guitar can be won at this screening.

Bonne Année

Friday 3 October 18:30 Cineworld

Real problems, real people lying to themselves in one moment in time.

Paul Mosley, Little Emperor, Zan Lyons

Friday 3 October 7pm The Rex



Friday 3 October 19:15 Cineworld

A pirate radio station playing the sounds of the fifties brings a teenager who died 50 years ago back from the grave to search for his lost love and take revenge against his tormentors. Starring Faye Dunaway who is attending the Festival.

Raindance Filmmakers Party

Friday 3 October 20:00 The Rex

Friday 3 October 20:00 The Rex For all their hard work and dedication, Raindance is throwing a party for every filmmaker with a film in the festival. If you were one of the select few who managed to blag a slot in the festival this year, you’re invited. Each film will receive two tickets.


Friday 3 October 20:45 Cineworld

Shot in one, continuous take, PVC-1 is inspired by the true story of an innocent womans struggle for survival after she is fitted with a collar bomb.

Patti Smith Dream Of Life

Friday 3 October 21:30 Cineworld

Following the multitalented and private artist over 11 years of international travel, through her spoken words, performances, lyrics, interviews, paintings, and photographs. An Epiphone guitar can be won at this screening.


A gaijin’s view of Tokyo’s Shibuya district, this says everything Lost in Translation says and more in a succinct 10 minutes.