Get Involved: Volunteer

Running a festival is a tough business, with a multitude of tasks to be completed. As such, we rely on festival volunteers to help us out.

While this work is unpaid we're confident that it will be worth your while. Not only is it a good way to see an important side of the UK film industry, you'll have an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded people and to network with industry professionals.

We're after enthusiastic and dedicated people who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty as it were, and to help us create the festival spirit we're known for. Just about everyone who works at Raindance started out as a volunteer or an intern and it's helped many people to jumpstart their career in film.

We also fully understand that volunteers have other commitments, so we don't expect you to work full time. More so, we will work around your schedule. To learn more about volunteering at Raindance download our volunteer application pack HERE

Here are some examples of the specific roles we have to offer:

Theatre Ushers

The key responsibility of ensuring screenings run smoothly.  This involves everything from seating the audience to ensuring sound and picture quality in the cinema is optimum. For this role we require calm and focused enthusiasts with strong public speaking abilities as you may be needed to introduce screenings. As such. you will be seen as “the face” of Raindance.

Marketing Assistants

This involves letting everyone know that Raindance is taking place. This includes opportunities to participate in viral marketing via the internet and street marketing. This typically takes place a few weeks prior to and during the festival itself. An essential role as you will be the core link between us and the public. A knowledge of independent film, the internet, and a welcoming smile are vital.

Projection Assistants

Working in the projection booth, assisting our projectionist Chris Thomas with whatever he needs. This high-pressure but rewarding role utilises multi-tasking and technical skills to ensure screenings run smoothly and on time. Prior projection experience would help for this position, though it’s not essential. The benefits of this position include gaining a knowledge of how the technical side of the festival works, as well as experience working within a projection booth.

Box Office Attendants

This role takes place front of house at the Cineworld Shaftesbury Avenue. You will be the direct contact for customers and filmmakers who would like to attend screenings. As such, strong customer service skills are essential, as are a friendly personality and efficient organisational abilities. The social nature of this role means that you will deal directly with filmmakers and industry personnel.

Office Runners

This role involves making essential runs from the office to cinemas with film prints, boxes of goodies and other essential stuff. This role is perfect for anyone inspired by The Incredible Hulk or finds a gym membership just out of their price range, as you will be kept on your feet and constantly active throughout the festival period. Those shy of handling 35mm prints need not apply, however those who aren’t will be rewarded with festival benefits and bigger muscles.

Office Administration

A lot more interesting that it sounds, this job consists of helping the Raindance team in the office. This comprises answering phone calls, performing essential runs and providing general assistance to our then exhausted but still enthusiastic team. This is a great way to see how the festival is constructed from within.

Events Co-Ordinator

This high responsibility role involves making sure events run smoothly. Our variety of events run in different venues throughout the West End, and as such utilising organisational skills and quick thinking is key. You will have to remain calm under inevitable pressure, though as one of the core volunteers you will reap the benefits.

If you have any questions relating to volunteering at the festival, please call 0207 287 3833 and ask to speak to James Merchant or send your CV to

Please download our volunteer application form.