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A Life In The Death Of Joe Meek

This feature documentary chronicles the rise, fall and resurrection of Joe Meek, Britain's first independent pop record producer.
An Epiphone guitar can be won at this screening.

A Message To The World

A documentary following a day in the life of Jesse Hector ,The original Space age mod and ex Hammersmith Gorilla  as he traces his fifty years of Rock n'roll times round London.
An Epiphone guitar can be won at this screening.

A Permanent Part-Timer In Distress (Sônan furiitâ)

Iwabuchi’s documentary debut is a fine example of someone using new video technology to reaffirm his own identity and reclaim his place in society.


Artists and ex-members of 70's influential UK Anarcho-Punk music outfit, Crass, Penny Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher exhibit their work and perform in art exhibits in the US.

Agile, Mobile, Hostile: A Year In The Life Of Andre Williams

A year on the road with musician Andre Williams.
An Epiphone guitar can be won at this screening.


All Together Now

"All Together Now" tells the story of the remarkable collaboration between The Beatles and Cirque du Soleil that resulted in the staging of LOVE, the spectacular show that's astonishing audiences in Las Vegas.

Anatomy Of Failure

Filmmaker Minou Norouzi goes on a Californian road trip in search of five disappeared women who formed Carlos Castaneda’s ‘harem’. Taking the form of fragmented portraiture, the film looks into the culture of belief, touching on failures of love, power relationships and myth-making.

Art And Apathy

Art and Apathy is a look at the relationship between conflict and creativity in Israel and Palestine. The project is a conversation between four short poetic pieces that describe the effects of the Israel Palestine conflict on Israeli artists and features both acclaimed and underground voices.

Chris & Don: A Love Story

Chris & Don tells the love story between British writer, Christopher Isherwood (whose book The Berlin Stories inspired the musical and film Cabaret) and American portrait artist, Don Bachardy.


What happens to the 705 residents of Crawford, Texas when George W. Bush moves to town?

The End

Reveals the bloody history and confessions of the cockney gangster.

Fujica Single-Date

This playful video diary starts off as a lament to Fuji’s decision to cease production of Super 8mm film in 2007, a medium on which so many of today’s established filmmakers honed their craft, but soon meanders into a nostalgic meditation on film and its romantic possibilities.