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ONE SMALL LEAP UK 16mm 3 mins Dir/Prod/S'Play Edward Boase, James Walker DoP Steve Priovolos P/S edboase@hotmail.com

21 July 1969: Neil Armstrong makes one giant leap for mankind. Meanwhile in Muskogee, Oklahoma, one man is turning back the evolutionary clock.

HARDCORE ACTION NEWS USA 35mm 21 mins Dir/S'play Niels Alpert Prod Ed Lavelle DoP Sara Mishara P/S Neils Alpert E nielsa@pacbell.net

A vulnerable pregnant teenager finds herself the unwitting subject of a bizarre exploitative news program that seeks to install the world's first in-utero advertising system on her unborn baby.

EDDIE'S STICKY END UK Digital 12 mins Director/Prod/S'play Martin Gooch DoP Pete Rowe P/S Dazzle Films E goochling@hotmail.com

Eddie Smallcock has a problem. Maybe Dr Stewmchugger and Mrs Heliotrope can help.

SHOOTING BLANKS UK DV 12 mins Dir/S'play Liam Gavin Prod Peter La Terriere, Tim Dennison DoP Riki Butland P/S plt@firstfootfilms.com

Cupid is an alcoholic trying to put right past wrongs.

ARTHUR'S AMAZING THINGS UK 35mm 10 mins Director/Producer/Screenplay Martin Gooch DoP Pete Rowe Print Source Dazzle Films Email goochling@hotmail.com

Arthur fancies Beryl who hates Arthur. How can he win her over?

CARIBBEAN CAT FIGHT USA Digital 7 mins Director/Prod/S'play/DoP Dano Algierz Print Source Dano Algierz Email algierz@algierz.com

Keitha is a pot-smoking couch potato who is jealous of her perky younger sister Latrisse, a successful actress and movie star. Keitha mooches off of Latrisse, living on her couch, and eating her food; and in exchange, she is merely expected to take care of Latrisse's cat Moomy. What happens when Keitha neglects to feed Moomy over and over and gets Moomy stoned instead?

THE LESTERSHOW HAPPY HOUR USA Digital 6 mins Dir/Prod/S'play/DoP Allan Steele P/S Allan Steele E allans@lestershow.com

A skinny half naked kid makes friends with a dead fish, chases Waldo around a Spaghetti O's can and finds guidance in the gutter. His hallucinations, dreams and fragmented half-truths go full circle when he returns home to his Starsky & Hutch styled 71 Ford Torino. Animation.

SEVENTY TWO FACED LIAR UK 35mm 15 mins Dir/S'play Mark Waites Prod Matt Buels DoP Ray Coates Print Source mark@motherlondon.com

Terry puts on a mask to scare his daughter. He tries to take it off but there's another underneath, then another and another. Neither his best friend Les or a priest have any suggestions.

MRS MEITLEMEIHR UK 35mm 20 mins Dir Graham Rose Exec Prod John Hackney Prod Kate Taylor S'play Jeff Rawle, Graham Rose DoP Clive Tickner Print Source Rose Hackney Barber E hanna@rosehackneybarber.com

The war has hardened your heart - if only I could melt it for you. Lenny Veldermann had a date with history. It would turn out to be his worst dream come true.

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