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THE MORNING GUY USA DV 5 mins Dir/Prod/S'play/DoP Mark W Gray Print Source Rocket Pictures Email mwgray@mac.com

A wife cannot put up with her husband's ways of self-expression.

TAROT MECHANIC UK HD 4 mins Dir Jason King Prod H James, P Hart-Wilden S'play L Adlan DoP P Thornton P/S hannah@sgrin.co.uk

A car mechanic whose methods are far from orthodox.

HELLO SON UK 35mm 4 mins Dir/S'play Richard Pwelko Prod Suzanne Philips DoP Rory Taylor P/S Sgr n Email hannah@sgrin.co.uk

The last thing anyone expects is two dead bodies.

WHAT? UK 35mm 3 mins Dir/S'play Elen Bowman Prod Suzanne Phillips DoP Rory Taylor P/S Sgr n Email hannah@sgrin.co.uk

Sian and her family have yelled for generations.

CLAVERDEEK UK Digibeta 11 mins Dir D Santana Prod Santana Bros. S'play Lee Santana DoP P Crockart P/S dominic.santana@virgin.net

One man's obsession with another man's happiness.

AIR SQUARE Austria HD 8 mins Dir MJ Carney Prod Alexa Glehr S'play MJ Carney, Sascha Reh DoP L Loeckinger P/S alex.glehr@gmx.at

The ultimate pre-flight safety instructional.

THE EARLY DAYS UK 35mm 11 mins Dir Chris Stevenson Prod Peter La Terriere S'play Paul Waite DoP Derek Suter P/S plt@firstfootfilms.com

The difficulties of sustaining a relationship, 50,000 BC.

THE MARVELLOUS HANDSHAKE UK HD 4 mins Dir T Hogg Prod H James, P Hart-Wilden S'play T Hart, P McNamara DoP P Thornton P/S hannah@sgrin.co.uk

A young woman gets to grip with the perfect interview technique.

KARMA WHEEL USA 35mm 3 mins Dir/Prod/S'play Austin Alward DoP Andreas Burgess P/S A Alward E austin_alward@hotmail.com

Sibling rivalry spins out of control.

AND THE RED MAN WENT GREEN UK 2 mins Dir/S'play Ruth Meehan Prod Hugh Welchman DoP Nanu Segal P/S libby@breakthrufilms.com

An old woman negotiates the hectic streets of London.

TILTED LOVE UK DV 9 mins Dir Robin Burke Prod Stefan Muntz S'play/DoP Kat Woodtli P/S Tilted Films E tiltedfilms@yahoo.co.uk

A love story from a different angle.

SWAN SONG UK Digibeta 5 mins Dir Nicholas Bone Prod A Howkins S'play J Utkilen DoP B Bolygo P/S mail@magneticnorth.org.uk

Man on mission gets delayed.

YO! JIMBO! UK Digibeta 10 mins Dir David Devjak Prod S Naughton S'play M Rowe DoP T Hayward P/S samnaughton@blueyonder.co.uk

A boardroom showdown in the style of a 1960s martial arts flick.

THE TOOL USA HD 9 mins Dir/Prod/S'play Miles Khan DoP Clark Caldwell P/S Phisto Industries E phisto@earthlink.net

A contractor and the migrant worker who steals his heart.

STIFF DRINK UK Super16 8 mins Dir Steven Hore Prod Jill Munt S'play Oli Squires DoP S Montague P/S S steven@brucedunlop.com

A desperate ensemble of geeks, freaks and creeps.

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